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When We Collide - a British Songbook

Songbook Launches!

When We Collide is a songbook written by the people of the United Kingdom about our collective identity

After nearly a year of new cities, missed trains, home-made cakes, getting caught in the rain and (most of all!) singing, the British Songbook is finally complete!

Interviews with over 600 people from across the country have come together to form 14 songs that describe who we, the people of Britain, are in 2018. 

The music is now available for everyone to download for free on the website  – we’ve got lyric sheets, scores, learning resources and helpful notes.

The world premiere of When We Collide: A British Songbook is Sage Gatehead on Sunday 24th February 2019.  Singers (of all abilities) are invited to join us for these exciting performances.

Hundreds of singers are already signed up but we need more! If you or your choir want more details about the performances or info on how to get involved, get in touch with the project on the website

Alternatively, just turn up and have a listen!